sunset 斜陽

2013.8.8 | des voeux road west  德輔道西 what better place to watch sunset than on the west side. follow the tram rail all the way to the west these sunny days after 6pm. the golden ray is like honey golden and sweet. 這個星期,天色美呆了。白天蔚藍蒼空白雲襯堆。黃昏時分,沿電車路往西朝拜,大氣披上金光。 Advertisements

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豔陽下海味街 sun-bathing abalone

2013.5.30 | 德輔道西 des voeux road west 幾乎兩個月的雨季,終於蒼空下定主意,大刺刺放晴。 海味鋪藥材鋪趕忙將貨品鋪排街頭,盡力吸收金黃的能量。 鮑魚的香味細細飄滲空氣中。 the sun finally made up his mind to meet us properly for the first since summer kicked in. dried seafood and herbal stores do not waste any time. different kinds of dried goods lined up with care in front of shops, taking in the golden energy. great symphony […]

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樹災 tree disaster

2012.4.14 | kowloon park 九龍公園 7月24日颱風韋森特在香港攀上十號颶風程度。可憐的是很多數十年,厚壯繁茂的大樹都不堪暴風而折倒。據蘋果日報報導古樹名目中有六棵因此此颱風中陣亡,心痛:九龍公園的大葉合歡和細葉榕、鯉魚門公園的朴樹、壽山村道的細葉榕、遮打花園的垂葉榕,以及跑馬地黃泥涌道的細葉榕。 typhoon vicente hit hong kong with tremendous velocity on 24 july early morning.  according to a chinese media reported, six of the “old the valuable trees” have to be terminated because of fatal blow, including this lebbeck at kowloon park. 九龍公園的大葉合歡(左)原貌 the original beautiful lebbeck (above left) at kowloon […]

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