green pasture 大草披

2013.6.8 | government hq 政府總部 這個地方,讓人愛恨交煎。門常開的名字,好像預先訕笑這政府的封閉灰暗。 然而廣闊的草坊迎著維港,風光明媚。 一個星期六下午,天色半藍陰掩。兩個女子舒鬆地享受生活空間。對岸的黃色巨鴨面向風光,背影倒是清爽。 this is a place i love and loath. it is the government hq. its name is the door. the architect was wishing the government is open and transparent, which now is like a mock. yet this great piece of space, a sweet pasture opens to the victoria harbour […]

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farms 耕種

2012.12.9 | 塱原 long valley 新界菜生長中。星期天,我到塱原郊遊觀鳥,農戶在忙。不能不说一句感谢和辛苦了。 we always see hawkers categorize veggie they sell “from new territories”. here they are, their birthplace. thanks to the effort of the farmers.

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fruit stall 生果檔

2012.11.2 | gage street 結志街 鐵皮搭的檔口,佔據結志街街口有利位置,卻不知道能否敵過時代的洗磨。 每次經過,都不禁擔心下次不能再見。 開檔的有位婆婆。除了水果還買花生。 it becomes almost a novelty, open air wet market. this stall is located at one end of the oldest open-air market in hong kong, right at the heart, the central. a traditional stall is a cubicle of iron in the colour of green. the vibe, the colours, […]

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綠色鐵閘 gate

2012.10.27 | 薄扶林道  pok fu lam road 不知道這印刷廠還在運作沒有。但這星期六經過時,大閘緊拉。好方便我替它照照相。今天的香港,已經沒有新商鋪採用中間向兩方對開横的鐵閘了,最愛上端不知是來透氣還是裝飾的雕花,還有老實地打招牌的鋪頭名字,縷空且具書法的手工,美的手藝。 not sure if the printing-house is still operating. a saturday morning i walked pass it and was drawn by the strong but lonesome iron gate. this type of gate – in iron, with simple and pretty pattern on the top and having the shop name engraved – was […]

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