薄扶林 pok fu lam

2012.10.22 | 薄扶林 pok fu lam a hazy day looking out from high west, hong kong chinese christian churches union pok fu lam road cemetery is in the middle of this photo. 秋高但氣矇,從西高山下望摩星嶺、香港華人基督教聯會薄扶林道墳場、硫磺海峽。

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lamma 南丫

2011.10 | hung shing ye wan, lamma island 南丫洪聖耶灣 this is a photo taken last oct. today is 2oct. 36 lives were gone last night close by the island after two ferries collided. can’t hold my tears and can only pray.  忍不住眼淚只盼生存的人平安。這照片拍于去年十月。今天十月二日,為南丫島撞船意外中死者生者送上能量。

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