【inland lot marker stone 內地段編號標記】N.K.I.L 5107 & 4359

2018.04.14 | 衙前圍道  nga tsin wai road 此兩地段石標位於九龍城一清幽街道上。 這兩個標記不是記在立面,而是平刻於地面。 N.K. 即北九龍。暫時在網上未能搜尋到其他資料。 these two are lying on a nice and low density residential street in kowloon city. rather than standing up at the skirt of a wall, they are marked flat on the ground. a slight difference from others i saw around town, even though this […]

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【樓上文字系列 words on building series】馬頭涌消防局 ma tau chung fire station

2017.1.8 | 馬頭涌道 109 ma tau chung road 這裡有兩組漂亮的字。先留意的自然是非常醒目,有如浮雕的消防局的招牌。陽光的日子,這排字塑展射光影,既有氣派,同時流露詩意。 不能不眷戀的是那只有英文的門牌,字體有特別講究有美感的,而且用色和大小皆有妙韻。 we have two sets of writings here, both are impressive. first strike you is the signage of the fire station. the three dimensional tablets in both chinese and english are each with specific style. the best part of course is the sunlight effect, giving the […]

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不流動立體街招 alternative street advertisement

2015.10.11 | 九龍城街市 kowloon city municipal services building 雖然不是第一次看到類似的「街招」,但還是禁不住覺得有趣。不在後巷牆壁不是貼在電燈柱上,九龍街市外面不下數個這樣運用單車(或用鎖鏈鎖著或已經沒有車輪)宣傳街市內商號提供的服務。 it is not the first time seeing this type of advertisement, still finding it a spectacle. usually for these grass-root advertisements, in this case, household maintenance work and photocopying, we found them handwritten or some low-cost printing on lamp-post or walls of some back alleys. but […]

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渡輪上看維港 a view from a ferry to north point

2015.6.26 | 維多利亞港 victoria harbour 來去土瓜灣或九龍城,最愛乘搭來回北角的渡輪。我是天星支持者,但航班實在太短程了。這航道由新渡輪承辦,船程十多分鐘,吹海風之餘,風光更是美好,從牛頭角出發,沿岸海心公園、(遠望)九龍灣、紅磡、跟著一段開闊的維多利亞港,慢慢看著東區走廊移近,最後抵達北角。出碼頭還有海鮮檔的熱鬧,整個旅程在香港懷內,但又有很不衝忙繁盛都市的感受。每次都是難忘的美麗時光。 when i need to go to kowloon city or to kwa wan, i try my best to commute by ferry. the service is provided by new world ferry. it is such an enjoyable journey, even though the vessel is a bit torn and you cannot help worrying about its […]

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