【inland lot marker stone 內地段編號標記】N.K.I.L 5107 & 4359

2018.04.14 | 衙前圍道  nga tsin wai road 此兩地段石標位於九龍城一清幽街道上。 這兩個標記不是記在立面,而是平刻於地面。 N.K. 即北九龍。暫時在網上未能搜尋到其他資料。 these two are lying on a nice and low density residential street in kowloon city. rather than standing up at the skirt of a wall, they are marked flat on the ground. a slight difference from others i saw around town, even though this […]

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【inland lot marker stone 內地段編號標記】8156

2017.12.02 | 1 and 3 third street, sai ying pun 第三街一號及三號 香港有不少具歷史意義的街道標記,譬如界石,譬如舊式路牌。在此開始紀錄地段石標。 il 8156,根據土地註冊處,此編號包括第三街一號及三號。 there are different, historical and representative street markings in this city. boundary stones for one, old street signs as well. lately i decided to make a record of the inland lot marker stones here. this is the first – il 8156. […]

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