wall commercial/art 廣告牆畫

2013.4.23 | ferry street 渡船街 hong kong is a commercial world and graphical. you see advertisement everywhere in all kinds of forms. image is a popular media in advertisement, usually in photos or videos; painting however seems to be forgotten by the advertisement world now. on this back street in the old district of tai […]

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頹瓦窗寂 void

2013.3.7 | mok cheong street 木廠街 十三街對出的木廠街,一列工廠大廈,苟延殘存。老舊的,擋禦不了發展的洪流,倒下。這一堵窗牆是在呼最後一口氣嗎? along mok cheong street nearby the old neighbourhood of “13 streets”, the once glorious industrial buildings are surviving, some barely. and this one is taking its last breath.

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