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2017年 三月加註:發覺這部落已經有七年歷史,第一篇貼文 2010年一月開始。相信這些年來記錄下來的,有些經已變遷以至消失。而人老大了,對這城市的無力感加重,惟提醒自己初心不變,希望繼續從這城市一些小東西、尋常景物,發掘這裡更多值得珍重的。

an added note in march 2017: just realized this blog was first published seven years ago, in 2010. if going through some of the older posts, there must be things featured changed or even gone. as years gone by, living in this city is getting more defeating and depressing. but try to remind myself and hopefully readers of this blog that there are things no matter how common they appear to be worth exploring; there are still many in this hometown of hongkongers prove valuable.

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there are a lot of wonders in hong kong, my hometown. it is heart-breaking feeling and sensing many of those goods are vanishing. not sure what else to do, i use my legs, my eyes and camera to do as much to explore, discover and treasure this city.

additionally, i always find interests in street objects, a postbox, a signage, a bench … after reading some books about street furniture i pay even more attention. there’re lot about their existence, practical and functional, sometimes beautiful, and actually they tell the history and character of this city.

note: all the photos on this blog are taken by myself, please contact me if you’d like to forward or use them


2 thoughts on “About hkmicrocosm 細拾香港

    1. thank you very much for your encouragement; it feels sad most of the day competiting with time and developers living in this city.

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