wan kee at canton road 廣東道雲記五金

2015.5.19 廣東道五金街 | “the hardware street” on canton road

wan kee canton road


  • 唐樓
  • 角樓
  • 因舊有採光條例層層遞上的建築
  • 五金舖
  • 這五金舖專科是輪船用品!
  • 「廣東道」是舊式的
  • 大型招牌,氣勢大字
  • 商舖名稱中英排列左右有序

this corner of the street, this photo contains many interesting things about the older part of hong kong and favorite topics of this blog:

  • a tong lau / walk up building
  • a corner building
  • a wedding-cake structured (due to former street-light restriction rules) building
  • a hardware / iron ware store
  • this store specializes in shipping ware (but surely it is selling other iron ware more these days)
  • old style street sign
  • chinese signage
  • chinese calligraphy
  • the different orientation of english and chinese signage – the store name reads from left to right in english, vice versa in chinese

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