hoi sham park 海心公園

2013.7.7 | 土瓜灣落山道 lok shan road, to kwa wan
urban parks are my sanctuary. when i have some leisure time, want to go out and stretch my legs, they are my destination. commercial-soaked consumption-oriented shopping malls simply can’t beat them, even though the full-blown air-conditioning won’t lure me in the big hot summer.
parks are so rewarding. the nature in the middle of the concrete jungle is the biggest draw. the atmosphere is the bonus. if you haven’t realized before, take a moment in a park, take a look at people around you. they may not be the happiest people in town, but at least you can hardly find a grumpy or nervous face. park-goers are usually relaxed and at ease.

前個星期,懷著探索心情,走去一個從未去過的公園 – 海心公園。
the week before, i was having the exploring mood and took a special trip to a park haven’t been to before – hoi sham park.
it is not big. but there are many points of interest. first thing is the rocks. secondly, the setting and the background of the park. this park has a long history and experienced many changes in the location and the look of the park. the contrast of old and new. the neighbourhood root face to face challenged by city development. if you don’t know this park either, have some basic understanding of the park (research online) and go there, you probably will enjoy it with some extra feeling and reflection. if you are an old friend of this park, you certainly should have enjoy it more. like this surreal yet so real exceptional harbour view at the hoi sham pavilion.

hoi sham pavilion


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