cattle depot 牛棚

2013.5.24 |  牛棚藝術村 cattle depot artist village

昨日到訪牛棚,因為藝術展 “I Think It Rains 滴溚滴”。很喜歡展覽,因為展品、思想有伸展空間,而且作品很多都有心有內容有意境。




went for an exhibition “i think it rains” at the cattle depot yesterday. it is a rare kind of art event in hong kong, in a very good sense. i feel easy around the venue and the exhibits because there are spaces, which is often lacking in events happening in hong kong. many of the works have hearts and aesthetic senses and thinking and reflection provoking.

before the show, i took the chance to go around the depot. it is a special and beautiful ground. give it more thoughts, all the remnants of the slaughterhouse built more than a hundred year old are evidence of the cruelty of human being. well, these red-brick sheds and offices have been pulled out from the old usage and are now turning to venue of arts event and studios. what a pretty change –

buildings are now lined with thriving plants, with common items stacked causally around. and there the trough used to hold water and food for cows is retired and all clean and just quietly sitting by.

cattle depot


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