wall commercial/art 廣告牆畫

2013.4.23 | ferry street 渡船街

hong kong is a commercial world and graphical. you see advertisement everywhere in all kinds of forms. image is a popular media in advertisement, usually in photos or videos; painting however seems to be forgotten by the advertisement world now.

on this back street in the old district of tai kok tsui, this picture of hiflex hose (wondering their usage and application) impresses me. the scale and the details of the picture is rare today.


遇到這大型廣告畫,被打動。工業用具畫得細緻,而且佈局用色都用心。今天香港到處是廣告,擁擠的攝影或錄影畫面,讓我透不過氣。偶然碰上這個過氣的廣告牆畫,耳目一新(舊帶來新,該難過還是苦笑?)。ferry st ad


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