the cenotaph 和平紀念碑

2012.9.11 | the cenotaph和平紀念碑

每次經過這裡都會肅立幾秒。為了致敬,也為感英魂的寂寞 – 每日那麼多亮麗光鮮的辦公男女,在祂面前視若無睹,擦身直過。

its solemnity is immense. never understood why all these people passing by everyday pay no respect let alone any attention to what it is and what it represents.

further understanding 多一點認識

  •  a cenotaph is an “empty tomb” or a monument erected in honour of a person or  group of people whose remains are elsewhere. it can also be the initial tomb for a  person who has since been interred elsewhere. the word derives from the greek:  κενοτάφιον = kenotaphion (kenos, one meaning being “empty”, and taphos, “tomb”).
  • 和平紀念碑 的英文cenotaph,來自希臘文意思是空的墓穴。
  • 和平紀念碑建于1923年,以紀念兩次世界大戰犧牲的英軍。中文碑文「英魂不朽浩氣長存」在1970年刻上。

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