2010.7.10 | fireboat alexander gantham exhibition gallery葛量洪號滅火輪展覽館

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two weeks in a row hong kong enjoy blue sky hot summer. saturday late morning, feeling the urge to smell and stroll by the harbour, i took the mtr to the east side of the island, went up to the big shopping mall and walked straight to the harbour side. hong kongers are strange, or is it a common ‘sickness’ of city dwellers? they are scare of sunlight, wherever the sunlight shines to, you find people just try their best to keep themselves away from there. always find it funny seeing people squeeze themselves under some tiny spots of shade while waiting for traffic light to cross the roads.  that turns to a blessing to me, during sunny days, i can enjoy extra space and freedom around town.

here, another kind of place local don’t visit – museum. people cannot take all the blame this time, museums run by government are not totally exciting. nevertheless, i always found goods from them.

alexander gantham was hong kong’ governor in the 50s, this fireboat named after him and started servicing during his time.  one can see inside and out how basic and powerful marine fire service is like from this fireboat, impressed by the basic living conditions firemen went through on the boat; and the scale of the boat. yet, the most amazing thing is the vast and beautiful backdrop this ‘gallary’ is enjoying. lying by the habour front on the east side of the island, it commands 180 degree habour view, composed of fascinating landform and interesting mixture of architecture spelling history and development.


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