oasis 綠洲笑

2010.4.1| 中央街市 central market |

every time passing by here, I cannot help smiling to this big headline. what a way to gratify a public toilet – if you are not familiar with this area, look carefully there are two entrances with white tiles, to the left is for boys (left) and to the right for girls. The truth is that this is the building of central market, one of the surviving Bauhaus style market building in hong kong. the market was opened in 1939 and stopped servicing in 2003. for almost 7 years the architecture has been much neglected (not me !!!) till a ‘revitalization’ project being announced at the end of 2009. I am keeping my fingers crossed hard, the future ‘revitalized’ central market will enjoy a real and new life with respect to its history. As for now ,this green skin and oasis concept to me is a bit suffocating.





wiki in english 中文維基


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