canopies 陽蓬

2010.2.5| edinburgh square 愛丁堡廣場| 印象中這裏很多設施一如童年時代,噴水池、拱橋、銅像、銅像下的三角石欄等,模樣依舊;

這些座位的陽蓬也一樣,愛她們的曼妙庇蔭;水泥鋪合上紙皮石(馬賽克)的蓬頂和座位,集存了我和家人和很多市民(以至現今很多外傭週末)的生活記憶。 Feeling lucky every time stepping into the square, can’t help fixing my eyes to the fountain, to the little arch walkway, to the statue and to the field of triangular little road blocks in front of the statue, and to these lovely shading canopies and bench, because not that many places in hong kong are still keeping their furniture and features unchanged for decades.  Love their shapes and curves, love the mosaic details – the ‘hats’ and the benches are matching.


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