hong kong heritage museum 沙田香港文化博物館

2010.1.31| hong kong heritage museum 沙田香港文化博物館| 中式的建築,平平無奇。所幸場館空間是香港少有,內裏展覽往往有吸引力。這次捧唐滌生和任劍輝的場,「梨園生輝」。

its appearance is less than exciting, this museum however has its treasures, for one it is spacious, quite rare among museums in hong kong; more importantly, it features some interesting and exciting exhibitions from time to time. this weekend i went to one, “splendour of cantonese opera”, what a glorious legacy of literature and performing arts the masters – tong tik sang & yam kim fai – left to us.


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